Riders against sky and field at Urich Bikefest

Urich Bikefest: Miles on the Bike & Music Under the Stars

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Urich Bikefest 2023 – A Resounding Success

The 2023 Urich Bikefest, held in September in Urich, Missouri, brought together the local community, cyclists from around the region, and great music for a fun-filled weekend. The Urich Bike Fest and the Federation’s other events around the state raise funds for The Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation. As the autumn leaves began to change, riders and music enthusiasts from every corner of the region converged on Urich for a weekend of music, cycling, camping, and more!

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Riders’ Paradise

The Urich Bikefest marked its inaugural event with two great routes; riders could tackle road, gravel, or both route options. A myriad of riders, novice and seasoned, set the roads ablaze as they embarked upon road and gravel routes that stretched up to an impressive 100 miles. Saturday’s weather, with clear to cloudy skies and great temperatures, even Mother Nature seemed to partake in the celebration. An eclectic mix of participants, road and gravel riders, young and old, new and experienced, showcased the diversity and inclusiveness of our cycling community.

Riders at the 2023 Urich Bikefest

Bikefest by Day – Music Under the Stars

As if the riders’ excitement for Saturday’s bike event was not enough, participants settled in each evening for the magic of the Music Festival. Friday and Saturday came alive with people dancing and singing along with the stellar line-up of bands playing tunes across several genres. Friday night couldn’t have been a more perfect fall evening. The clear starlit sky, fire, and perfect fall temps provided an ideal backdrop for the music.

Friday’s bands included: Nick Schnebelen, Gran Marquis, and The Nace Brothers

On Saturday, after the riders returned from a hard day on their bikes, they were treated to a second night of music. The storms that threatened to soak the riders earlier in the day finally rolled through in the evening; that didn’t deter anyone, and the music went on, and the storms passed.

Saturday’s line-up consisted of: The Rick Cook Band, The Bullhaulers, and The Gravelyard

Urich Bikefest Band

The Unseen Heroes

Our silent heroes stood amid the euphoria of spinning wheels and enchanting melodies – the volunteers. Their hearts brimming with the spirit of service, they were the threads weaving the fabric of the festival. SAG drivers, SAG stop volunteers, and those at the registration desks worked tirelessly, ensuring a seamless, safe, and memorable experience for all attendees.

Special thanks are due to the local businesses, cities, and residents who opened their arms and spaces for our rest stops. A heartfelt thanks goes to the Mayor of Blairstown, who sanctioned and actively volunteered at the SAG stop in town, epitomizing leadership by example.

Urich Bikefest Volunteers

Looking Towards the Future of Urich Bikefest

We are grateful as we reflect on the 2023 Urich Bikefest. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the riders who were the heartbeat of the event, the local community that was its soul, and every individual who contributed to making the inaugural Urich Bike Fest the opening chapter in the life of this event.

The wheels may have stopped turning, and the music may have faded, but we eagerly look toward the event’s future. We have exciting plans in the works; the spirit of the 2023 Bike Fest lives on, a precursor of the many more to come.

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